Bellagio Countryside Apartment (hereinafter referred to as BCA) is a provider of vacation apartment having as main object, stays at apartment(hereinafter referred to as “property”) owned by third parties. These Booking Terms & Conditions discipline and rule the relations between the user of the above specified services (“Customer”) and BCA.
Customer, for the purpose of the law and of this contract, is defined as the person who, by signing the mentioned documentation, takes upon themselves the related responsibilities.



BCA takes care of verifying and updating periodically the correctness of any information included in its brochures and/or in the website with regard to the features of the “properties” offered as per par. 1. The content of brochures and/or website shall in no way be regarded either as a binding contract term regulating and affecting the relationship between BCA and the Customer.



When sending the Booking Form, the Customer undertakes to pay with credit card payment method 100% of the agreed total price.



When signing the Booking Form, the Customer expressly agrees that all vouchers and information material concerning the selected accommodation, such as addresses, contact person and phone number, will be provided only following the payment of the entire price agreed. Without prejudice to the above, and only in the event of a timely payment by the Customer, BCA undertakes to provide the above mentioned information at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the stay.



Customers shall reach their accommodation between 3:30pm and 5:30pm on the arrival date of their stay.
Beyond that arrival time BCA does not guarantee that the “property” can be accessed immediately.
Customers shall move out of their accommodation together with their belongings from 8am and not beyond 11:00am on the departure date unless a different timing is stated in the Booking Confirmation.



Only and exclusively the Customer and members in their group as stated in the Booking Form and approved by BCA in the relevant Booking
Confirmation may stay at the “property” for the period agreed. Moreover, in no case shall the number of people staying at the “property” exceed the number of occupancy indicated in the “property” information as shown in the brochure or BCA website.


7. PETS:

Pets are not allowed on any part of the “property”.



BCA commits to making the “property” available for the agreed time and to supply the services, which may have been previously requested, by the Customer.
The customer commits to take care and benefit of the “property” in a courteous way and to not make any modification and/or innovation with of any sort to the current status of the “property”, even if of small entity, easily removable or of temporary usage.
Within the “property” the Customer will not perform any dangerous activity which may create damage or potential damage to people or “properties”.
At the end of their stay, the Customer will return the “property” in the same condition as it was when he arrived.
The Customer and any member of their group will be solely responsible for any damage and/or loss incurred to the persons and/or goods (also of third party) as a result of their stay at the “property”. In case of any loss, theft or damage caused to the “property”, installations, equipment, furnishings and fittings thereof, 100.00 euro will be deducted from the compensation due, without prejudice to BCA’s right to claim any larger loss.
BCA does not take upon itself any responsibility for improper and unlawful use of internet connections made by the Customer, members of their group or guests, of which only the Customer will be responsible.
The Customer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold BCA harmless against any claim deriving from service providers and/or third party for whatever done by the Customer themselves or by any member of their group or guests. The Customer and any member in their group shall act responsibly and respectful of other guests and
Customers as well as of BCA staff. At its own discretion and without prejudice to its good faith, BCA reserves the right to require those people who are acting disrespectfully to vacate the “property” immediately without any refund of the price already paid.



Should problems arise during the stay at the “property” that imply discomfort (i.e. replacement and/or repair of furniture, heating and hot water installations and other equipment), the Customer shall act in good faith and be available via telephone and/or email in order to resolve the problem, and at the same time agree that the “property” owner or their representative – i.e. BCA – will do its utmost to find a solution to avoid that the stay is compromised. In case the problem arisen cannot be resolved because of the delayed notice given by the Customer or their non-availability during the stay, BCA shall not be held liable for any reason.
Moreover, the Customer is obliged to report any problem arising during their stay, or their right to contest will expire.



Should the Customer withdraw from the contract prior to the beginning of their stay – to be notified in writing – the following penalties shall apply: if withdrawal happens within 7 days before arrival date, Customer will be refunded with 50% of Reservation total cost.



In the event that a “property” selected by a Customer is not available prior to their arrival due to reasons beyond BCA control (overbooking/withdrawal/cancellation by the “property’s” owner, etc.), BCA is obliged to provide the Customer with a new offer for another “property” of equivalent level. Should it not be possible to offer a new “property”, and/or should the Customer not agree to a replacement “property” out of real and justified reasons, he will be entitled to a refund of any amount paid to reserve the “property” thus cancelled, provided that such cancellation is not attributable to them in any way. In the event that the Customer agrees to an alternate “property” that incurs an extra charge, the Customer shall bear any extra charges.



Upon receipt of confirmation, the Customer is not allowed to change the selected “property” and/or the agreed date of arrival/departure. Therefore, any request to change shall be deemed to be a contract withdrawal and a new Booking shall apply.



In no case BCA, its employees and/or agents shall be held liable either for losses incurred by the Customer and/or other members in their group, and /or occasional guests during the duration of their stay, or for damages to people and/or goods or loss of any kind incurred unless caused by the direct negligence of BCA, its employees and/or agents. The Customer agrees that in no case BCA will be held liable for any damage incurred by the Customer themselves and/or other members in their group, and/or occasional guests due to reasons connected to their stay at the “property” and thus to the use and enjoyment of immovable and movable “property” owned by third party, since they are not part of the BCA control and management scope.
Under no circumstances and at no time shall BCA be held liable for safekeeping of goods owned or in possession of the Customers and/or other members in the group, and/or their occasional guests.



Any complaint regarding the stay and any issue governed and regulated by the contract drawn up between the parties that would arise shall be addressed to BCA within the duration of the stay, not later. Any complaint and/or claim notified following the above mentioned period will have no validity nor effectiveness.


The total contract price includes accommodation at the “property”, use of equipment and services included and listed by BCA in writing.
Anything not specified on the Booking Confirmation is not included.



Additional services beyond those included in the accepted proposal can be provided upon payment of the relevant costs as per BCA’s specific instructions and in any case prior to check-out. For services on “property” administrative fees and specific terms and conditions may be applied.



When submitting Booking Form, the Customer fully agrees to these Contract Terms & Conditions. In addition, the Customer acknowledges that BCA has provided them with all necessary information regarding the selected “property”; such information has been shared with all members of the group who took due note thereof. Therefore, the Customer undertakes any responsibility with regard to the observance of the contract terms by the members in their group, and of any other clause, condition or covenant shown in the rental voucher and/or otherwise agreed between the parties.
For the sake of communication, BCA shall only exclusively keep in touch with the Customer who signed the Booking Form and concluded the contract.



The parties acknowledge that the personal data collected for the signing of the herewith contract, needed for its execution, will be dealt with and/or communicated to third parties only to comply with legal obligations or to action the obligation foreseen by the contract. Both parties agree that each of them has the right to obtain written confirmation from the other.



These General Terms & Conditions to execute the contract and any relationship between the Customer and BCA are governed by the laws of the Italian Republic. For any dispute related, derived or otherwise connected to these Terms & Conditions and to the execution of the contract agreed between the parties, the court in Como will have sole jurisdiction thus expressly excluding any other court.